Editing Service



Why edit your work?  Any piece of writing is more readable and powerful by being logically presented, grammatically correct and succinct.

There are different levels of editing.  I offer the following:

Correction of:


tenses: correct

missing words

incorrect use /absence of definite and indefinite articles

incorrect use /absence of capital letters


Wrong nouns/adjectives/adverbs

Wrong prepositions and conjunctions

Missing or unnecessary apostrophes


Correct American spelling, where appropriate


Clunky sentences: ones which aren’t clearly written or are too wordy

With regard to content, I highlight the following:

Repetition of points

Sentences/phrases where the meaning is unclear

Words or phrases that are too formal/informal compared with the rest of the article.


I provide workshops on strengthening writing for a range of audiences.  These workshops explore the ingredients of good writing and give participants the chance to practise these skills.  They consist of input and small group work. Participants using these tools and techniques will subsequently feel more confident in their ability to produce succinct, readable and engaging writing.  Such skills will be beneficial when preparing essays, business reports, grant applications, research proposals, etc.

The workshops last between 1.5 – 2 hours and the fee is negotiable, depending on number of participants, size/scale of the organisation.


I charge £30 per hour.  For long pieces of work, this rate is negotiable

Payment can be made by:




Postal order

Cheques/postal orders should be made payable to:  Jane Riddell and sent to: 3/6 Cochran Terrace, Edinburgh, EH7 4BJ.

Payment should be made within two weeks of receiving the edited text.

Testimonies for editing service

During 2013 I worked on a book on a new management model. I am Dutch but I preferred the book to be in English. My English is quite reasonable but not perfect. Choice Words Editing took care of my errors, but not only that: it often improved on my text and made it much clearer. All honour to Choice Words Editing!       Wiet Janssen


Jane has edited some of my text for websites. Jane impressed me because she works very fast and methodical. She also helped me improve my work suggests some changes. It was honour to work with such as professional editor as Jane. I highly recommend.  Kris Kubik


As a Polish film-maker, studying in Scotland, I’m finding quite difficult to write my script in English to be able to reach the essence of the story in second language.  Jane not only corrected and tidied up my scripts, but was able to understand and suggest the world which could underline the essence of my stories.  KM


              Testimonies for workshops

 Jane recently shared her expertise through a short workshop on ‘Strengthening your writing’ with Members of The Melting Pot. The process and content of the session was well delivered and thought through.  What it taught me as a participant was:

       – how easy it is to read good written material

       – how hard thorough editing is for the majority of us – editing well is a real skill

       – how useful editing is to a wide variety of circumstances – from business reports and important letters, to essays, funding applications, scripts etc

       – simple steps to improve my own written language skills

  – that it is worth the investment of ‘yet more time’ and/or through hiring an editor, for those important things in life – where choice words matter     Claire Carpenter, MD, The Melting Pot