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Editing can seem a daunting task. You might be aware of many aspects of your work which require changing, from structural flaws to weak sentences or a characterisation that doesn’t quite work.

Words’Worth – A Fiction Writer’s Guide to Serious Editing describes a systematic yet manageable technique for editing your work. It involves hard work but guarantees an improved text. Furthermore, you will be able to personalise it, and update the technique to make it relevant and useful to each piece of work. While the guide is tailored to fiction, parts of it will also be helpful in strengthening non-fiction writing.


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What reviewers are saying about Words’Worth

This compact and concise handbook should be a godsend for any writer looking at a finished manuscript and wondering what to do next…. Jane Riddell is a professional editor and everyone should take her advice to heart.

…..There are many books on editing but they can be too in depth and confusing, giving more information than you actually need. You won’t get bogged down with this one. Jane Riddell’s clear lists and explanation of the editing process is great for beginners and a quick refresher for those more experienced.

…. I’m taking it around to all my writer’s groups and classes and recommending it.

This straightforward, concise, book contains so much in an accessible way. As a community education and online creative writing tutor, I find it invaluable. It incorporates all the information/explanations I give my students (and myself) all the time, but in a far more coherent way. It should become an excellent resource for both beginners and more advanced writers.

Jane Riddell’s guide offers for fiction writing what Strunk and White’s “The Elements of Style” provides for general writing…. elements of good writing, advocating using a balanced approach…. It is a valuable addition to the serious writer’s bookshelf.

….This is a guide, not a book of rules. This idea is developed throughout the book as Riddell not only provides a useful checklist for fiction writers but also advises them to add to the list themselves, focusing on their own stylistic proclivities. She is always conscious that there are exceptions to the guidelines…. For self-publishers who do not employ an editor before sharing their work with the public, the advice in this book is particularly important to help make it as professional as possible.

…This is not a book to be read and put on a shelf. It’s the one at your elbow as you power through what you believe is IT–the final run-through before your novel steps out of the wings and onto stage.