I am a writer and an editor, based in Edinburgh.

My work includes contemporary realistic fiction novels, humorous novellas and short stories.  

I have an editing business, Choice Words Editing, which provides a service for most types of writing: books, reports, essays, PhD abstracts, short film scripts.  Much of work to date has been with non-native English speakers.

I’ve included photographs in this website because beautiful places inspire me to write.  I’m convinced that my pleasure in writing developed during my time in France, when I was surrounded by mountains and the most glorious, ever-changing light.

More about me

I wrote my first “book” aged ten.  It was a Sherlock Holmes imitation, enticingly titled, The Missing Piece of Paper.

To me, writing means many things: the pleasure (and challenge) of crafting a story, a space I can go to that is purely mine and is not determined by money, the cooperation of others, or the weather.  Travel is my passion, partly because it inspires me to write.  I do a lot of pet sitting in other countries, spending the day sightseeing and the evenings snuggling up with the pets on the sofa and/or editing.